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CRM Specialist

Cantoria, ES

Why should you consider this opportunity?

The Loyalty team has responsibility for assessing the short to medium term business impacts and marketing directions of ongoing industry transformations, developing the global marketing plan and countries’ adaptations, focusing on customer segmentation and loyalty actions. The team understands the global and country business priorities, market dynamics, consumer and channel needs, motivations and expectations as well as which marketing drivers work better across the markets to develop a loyalty marketing plan to achieve business goals.

As part of loyalty team, you will be responsible for defining, planning and delivering a relationship strategy to ensure our members/customers are fully engaged in the wide offering of our loyalty program.


What will you be doing?

- Design, develop and execute a loyalty relationship plan to ensure that the full member is committed to the loyalty program.
- Monitor and report campaigns. Return on Investment Analysis. 
- Identifying insights and analyzing problems and opportunities in the area of loyalty in all markets. 
- Taking actions, coordinate the planning and execution to improve the Loyalty Awareness Program.
- It works with our partners/outside agencies and Cosentino's local marketing teams when necessary to carry out loyalty marketing initiatives

What are we looking for?

-    Experienced marketing management, developing local and global marketing initiatives, particularly regarding loyalty setting and segmentation
-    International experience (working across markets)
-    Customer oriented
-    Good knowledge of Power-point and Excel is a must
-    Good working knowledge of English is necessary
-    Good knowledge of the surfaces industry is a plus

-    A deep understanding of analytics and an ability to interpret data to drive business and marketing strategies
-    Conceptually creative, natural big picture reflex.
-    Excellent oral and written presentation skills
-    Ability to build strong relationships both internal and external – Identifies opportunities and acts to build strategic relationships between one’s area and other teams, departments, units, or organizations to help achieve business goals
-    Ability to remain effective under pressure; ability to handle stress in a manner that is acceptable to others and to the organization

-    Good team player, proactive and collaborative
-    Good listener: open to other’s ideas and criticism
-    Reliable for knowing the facts and reliable in keeping promises and deliverables
-    Curious mind and eager to keep on top of innovations and new business ideas 
-    Tenacious, resourceful to get things done
-    Strong understanding of the needs of internal customers and empathy with their position
-    Ability to stay calm and focused on delivery in a complex fast-moving environment
-    Clear thinking with the ability to constructively challenge the established thinking
-    Ability to work closely with experts from all functions
-    Ability to meet with external organizations


At least 7 years in a similar role

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